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The 5 Automations Every Business Needs

After helping thousands of businesses over the years, we found that there are 5 main automations to start off with.


1. Welcome Automation - Anyone who visits the website and signs up, receives the welcome email that explains who you are and what you do.

2. Nurturing Campaign Automation - 3 - 10 emails that are focused on educating and earning the subscribers trust.

3. Sales Campaign - 3 - 6 emails focused on top items and sellers.

4. Browse & Cart Abandonment Emails triggered after a potential customer leaves your store/website without completing a purchase or action.

5. Reviews and TestimonialsWhen a purchase is made, it’s important to get reviews and testimonials.


These automations are the bloodline of most businesses as they focus on the customer sales cycle and journey.

The setup of these automations takes less than a month and provides an excellent return!

The average setup cost is $2,500 with a $1,500 Monthly retainer for maintenance, improvements, and adding additional flows. 

Our clients generate on average 20% - 40% of their business revenue from email marketing and these automations.

Not an e-Commerce Store?

These automations still apply to you. Your cart abandonment can be triggered by a lead missing a scheduled call or due to them not completing a task, (Download a PDF, Engage with an email, etc).

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Lead Generation

Once you have a solid email marketing strategy, it's important to grow your subscribers. 

We offer lead generation services through: 

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Google PPC

Bing and Yahoo Ads

Lead Generation Services starting at $1,500 a month.

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